The Conversation: Monday, June 5th, 2017

Jun 5, 2017

2017 Hurricane Season; Public Beach Access Controversy; Red Hill Fuel Tanks

Credit Pixabay

Preview of 2017 Pacific Hurricane Season: John Bravender

Credit Pixabay

2017 is predicted to be an average hurricane season in the Pacific. But what does that mean and how are those predictions generated?

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Old Law Could Lead to New Development in Red Hill Fuel Tank Saga: Marti Townsend

Credit Hawaii Public Radio

A state law from the 1990’s could hold the key to finally resolving the long-term troubles at the Red Hill fuel storage facility.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Credit Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

A new poll from Civil Beat shows that Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s approval rating here in Hawaii has declined from last year.

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Public Beach Access Concerns in Hawaii Kai: Natalie Iwasa

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A dispute over ownership of a beach access lane in the Honolulu neighborhood of Portlock has led to concerns over ensuring continued accessibility to beaches.

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Tree of Life: Manjari Nirula and Eric Ong

Credit East West Center

Manjari Nirula and Edric Ong are co-curators of the current Tree of Life exhibit at the East West Center Gallery in Honolulu.

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