The Conversation: Friday, January 5th, 2018

Jan 5, 2018

Black Market For Diabetic Test Strips; State of Hawaii’s Bridges; Bug Wrangler James McCarthy

Credit bodytel_Flickr

Credit bodytel_Flickr

Black Market For Diabetic Test Strips

Glucose test strips for diabetes patients can cost between $15-20 per day. This has led to the rise of a secondary market in the strips, which are sometimes obtained illegally.

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The Hanalei River Bridge on Kauai is listed in 'Fair' condition on the DOT database.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

State of Hawaii’s Bridges

The Hawaii State Department of Transportation has launched an online database to show the condition of roadways and bridges across the state.     

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Credit James Anshutz

Bug Wrangler and 12th Night from Singer-Songwriter James McCarthy

James McCarthy lives squarely within the troubadour tradition, where a singer and songwriter is expected to be a kind of messenger as well, with storytelling at the center of his art.

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Credit Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Civil Beat Reality Check

Hawaii barely has its medical marijuana dispensaries off the ground, now the news about the Trump administration is giving states the green light to prosecute marijuana cases.

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Spinner dolphins off the coast of Kauai.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Dolphin Therapy

Kauai’s Dolphin Touch Wellness Center is built on the premise that we can learn a great deal from our cetacean counterparts.

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