The Conversation: Electric Vehicles in Hawaii (Rebroadcast)

Nov 1, 2019

Credit Oregon Department of Transportation / CC by 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Today we rebroadcast a call-in show discussing electric vehicles in Hawaii. The EV movement in Hawaii recently hit a milestone, surpassing the ten thousand car mark - what’s stopping you from joining the trend? Parking perks have caused some hand wringing at Honolulu’s Airport. Some say that too many EV’s taking advantage of the free spaces. Where are we at and where do we hope to be?

Today's guests are:

  • Lauren Reichelt of Blue Planet Foundation
  • Peter Rosegg, senior spokesman for Hawaiian Electric Companies

When we originally aired this discussion, HECO was in the process of giving away 300 EV smart chargers. Since then, roughly half of are still available.

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