The Conversation: Discussion with Nobel Prize Winners Jennifer Doudna and Andrea Ghez

Oct 28, 2020

Two 2020 Nobel Prize winners. Two women with Hawaii ties. We discuss gene editing and black holes from top minds in their respective fields, Jennifer Doudna and Andrea Ghez.

In this call-in show, we talk to two women scientists about their research, their upbringing and inspiring a new generation of scientists.

  • Biochemist Jennifer Doudna is a genome editing pioneer. She is a University of California Berkeley professor and Hilo High School graduate. She is a co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work with waht's known as CRISPR technology.
  • Astronomer Andrea Ghez is a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles and director of the UCLA Galactic Center Group. She's spent a quarter century studying the black hole - 20 of those years were using the W.M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea. She shares the Nobel Prize this year in Physics.

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