Bridging the Gap~November 11th, 2019: An Ode To dj mrnick

Nov 11, 2019

It was extremely difficult to pick a picture for tonight's show, but I decided to go with a nice one instead of one of the many ridiculous ones I have in my stash of dj mrnick photos. You're welcome, Nicholas.

While our beloved captain of the Bridging The Gap team is off galavanting in the Nihon motherland, I've decided to commemorate the veteran DJ himself by curating tonight's show in his honor. Every song in tonight's show is a song or artist I have been turned on to by sassy-pants himself, either from his old KTUH show "The Jet Set," or from Bridging The Gap, or his various club sets over the years. In a way, it'll be like he never left...

Of course, two hours is not enough time to fully explore the depth and expanse of his musical knowledge, but I'm gonna do my best.

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