Bridging The Gap~May 5th, 2020: Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae

May 5, 2020

A lei of protea petals sewn in a lei kāmoe style reminiscent of lei hulu.
Credit @waikapu on Instagram

As the saying goes, "May Day is Lei Day in Hawaiʻi" and it is true. Unfortunately, many Lei Day celebrations across the paeʻāina have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet many of us continued to celebrate in our own ways at home e kui ana, e wili ana, a e haku ana i nā ʻano lei like ʻole. Although it is Cinco de Mayo, I'm not Mexican and could never do a Cino de Mayo show justice. However, I am Hawaiian, and can give you a heck of a good lei day show, so that's what we're doing tonight! Never fear, Harrison (a real Mexican) will be doing a Cinco de Mayo theme on his show this Thursday.

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