Bridging The Gap~April 21st, 2020: Covers Volume III

Apr 21, 2020

I love me a good cover song. To me, a really good cover song can give a song a whole new feel and make you hear it like you've never heard it before. Songs that you're used to hearing all your life suddenly become more clear in meaning when someone else sings it in their own way. For example, Nick Kurosawa's cover of Kalapana's "What Do I Do?" takes on a whole new meaning when slowed down and sung acoustic by a smooth crooner and a guitar. Somehow, the gravity of the lyrics had been lost on me all my life until Nick covered it. 

Granted, there are bad cover songs out there, but these are not them. I have a running playlist in my library of cover songs that's currently 150 songs deep, so this is the third volume of really good cover songs.

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