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Helping Hand - Domestic Violence Action Center 2019 Golf Tournament

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Helping Hand - March 22, 2019 complete interview with Domestic Violence Action Center

This week on Helping Hand, we’re learning about the Domestic Violence Action Center. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with CEO Nanci Kriedman about their powerful array of services and ways people can support the nonprofit, including a multiple of ways via their upcoming 12th annual Chipping Away at Domestic Violence Golf Tournament Friday April 5th at the Pearl Country Club.

Helping Hand airs statewide on HPR1 stations on Fridays and then appears online here, where our Helping Hand segments are archived online. Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization, topic or event that offers assistance to people with disabilities, and animals and people that are among the most vulnerable.


Contact the Domestic Violence Action Center:



Phone: (808) 534-0040 - Business office and administration; (808) 531-3771 - Legal Helpline 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays; 1-800-690-6200 - Toll-Free Legal Helpline for calls beyond the Honolulu area across the state.

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Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road), and Stargazer.
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