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The Brand of Self: The Entrepreneurial Journey with Bliss Lau + Jasmine Takanikos

Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu Museum of Art


Bliss Lau and Jasmine Takanikos will share their stories of success as young entrepreneurs in highly competitive fields. Get tips on how to find that edge over the competition to expand your creative business. This talk is part of Hawaii Public Radio's Think Spot discussion series, aimed at maximizing the outreach and impact of Hawai‘i's artists.

Do you have a budding business and would like to build your brand?
Consider applying for DBEDT's Bliss Lau and Jasmine Takanikos workshop on Nov. 5 and 6.

Bliss Lau’s visionary approach to jewelry design is intrinsically rooted in the concept of jewelry as a physical experience—inspired by sensuality and structure. Throughout the evolution of her work, Bliss has elegantly juxtaposed dichotomous relationships—bold and delicate, bound and free, organic and linear—and embraced the interplay between them to create both fluid and kinetic forms.

Raised in Honolulu and educated at Parsons School of Design, Lau is based in New York City where she frequently draws inspiration from such diverse sources as the bold writing of Anaïs Nin, the mathematically precise art of M.C. Escher and the elegant architecture of the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

Dedicated to supporting the next generation of designers, Bliss teaches workshops and classes throughout the world, including Centering Your Brand, a first-of-its-kind course at Parsons School of Design, created with co-teacher and brand strategist Jasmine Takanikos. 

Jasmine Takanikos is the founder and CEO of Jasmine Takanikos Consulting Group, a firm providing integrated marketing, branding and business development strategies to consumer lifestyle companies throughout the world. Founded in 2007, JTCG has worked with established brands and small businesses in such areas as integrated marketing, strategic planning, business development, creative direction, media planning and buying, and digital strategy.

Takanikos is also the creator of Brand Human, a global workshop and lecture series centered around the importance of building lasting relationships with one’s core constituencies via social media. Through interactive analysis of social media, Takanikos aids in creating and cultivating online brand identities that synergistically align with clients’ offline objectives. This approach, which is integrated into many of Takanikos’ strategic campaigns, has become a sought-after tool and as a result, a Brand Human series has been created in partnership globally with Soho House.

Supporting her distinct business platform, Takanikos teaches Brand Strategy for Continuing Education at Parsons School of Design, and Brand Human at Pratt Institute.

Hawaii Public Radio is committing outreach via email, social media and on air prior to the session. With the goal of expanding discussion of critical cultural issues across the state, HPR will also record the session and make it available as a podcast in the Think Spot series. This series explores cultural and social issues in conjunction with HoMA's exploration of the arts of Hawai'i.

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