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Why Peter Ho Banks on Hawaii

Daniel Ramirez / Flickr
Daniel Ramirez / Flickr

Bank of Hawaii is the state’s second largest bank and its president and CEO, Peter Ho, became Hawaii’s highest paid executive in 2014. What makes Ho tick? Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier has more.

When PBN sat down with Peter Ho for this week’s cover story, we found frank and approachable, even philosophical on a few points. For example, we discussed the Ho family legacy.  Peter’s Grandfather was legendary developer Chinn Ho.  His Father, Stuart Ho, is equally well regarded as a business leader and a philanthropist. What’s it like to follow in their footsteps?

While he has no doubt it’s opened certain doors, this legacy also comes with a lot of expectations and…as Ho says “the knowledge that there are some people who would like nothing better than to see him fail.

Peter Ho has gone his own way by getting into banking as opposed to development. Why? Originally on the advice of a mentor that told him that bankers get to see the inside of other businesses, so it’s a great place to state to find out what you want to be when you grow up.  Ultimately, Ho decided that banking itself is exactly what he wants to do, in part because it does provide that inside look into other businesses.  

As a banker, Ho has achieved national significance. He chaired the committee that brought APEC to Hawaii in 2011 and he’s currently in the final year of a three-year term serving on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

For more on Ho’s thoughts about Hawaii’s economy and the role he wants the bank to play in it, see this week’s cover story: Why Peter Ho Banks on Hawaii. 

A. Kam Napier is the editor-in-chief of Pacific Business News.
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