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Asia Minute

Asia Minute: Traffic Dummies in Bangalore

Satvik Shahapur from Pexels
Traffic in Bangalore, India

Traffic can be an issue in parts of Hawaii — especially on Oahu. There’s a city in India which has come up with a different kind of policy response to fight congestion on crowded roads.

Bangalore is the center of India’s high-tech industry.

The city in the southern part of the country is also home to 8-million registered vehicles and counting. City officials expect that number to grow by 25% over the next two years — and they expect moving violations and other traffic problems will increase at a similar pace.

The Deccan Herald reports law enforcement has now deployed about 200 mannequins around the city dressed in police uniforms – from khaki trousers to sunglasses hats and orange safety vests.

The media outlet also reports that some of the dummies will be outfitted with video cameras – so they can gather evidence, in addition to serving as a visual crime deterrent.

The BBC reports that Bangalore has some of the lowest speed limits in the country – the equivalent of less than 12 miles an hour — while traffic cameras record more than 20,000 violations every day.

So are the silent sentries serving society?

Early evidence is still on the anecdotal level. Local media report it seems to have cut down the number of illegal U-turns in some areas, and made some motorcyclists put on their helmets.

One other item involving the cut-out cops that’s on the increase is pretty predictable — citizens around the city report a big boost in people posing for selfies.

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