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Artists from Maui, Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island Converge in Honolulu for First Friday Event

A Noah Harders Maui.png
ATE Gallery
Noah Harders

Curating the mix is what determines the impact of an art show, and the upcoming Island Hopper activation in Honolulu could be good.

"It's a happening! And our artists are so happy to join us," said Ara Laylo, Creative Director and VP for Brand Development at NMGNetwork.

A Ara Laylo-Ada.jpg
Ara (and Ada) Laylo, co-founder of ATE Gallery

Laylo is one of three founders of Above the Equator Gallery, who are teaming up to show fresh work by artists from across the state.

Isabella Hughes, independent curator and co-founder of the Honolulu Biennial (now Hawai'i Triennial), is another partner. She is currently board chair of Hawai‘i Contemporary.

The third founder, Rosina Potter, is Art Director at Four Seasons Resort Maui. Laylo offers an indication of the trio's curatorial perspective.

"I'm so excited to see what Noah Harders, or if you know him as Waikapu on Instagram, I'm sure he'll be showing some amazing floral pieces. Lauren Shearer just posted this lei with centipedes and green seeds. It was incredibly beautiful."

Harders and Shearer are among 12 artists from Maui, Oʻahu and Hawaiʻi Island chosen for this first Honolulu activation. They will all meet in Honolulu Friday at Arts and Letters on Nu'uanu.

A Rosina Potter ATE.png
Rosina Potter, co-founder, ATE Gallery

Among the featured artists, Honolulu will get a taste of work by Big Island artists Keith Tallett and Hana Yoshihata. Their show will open Aug. 23, 2021, at Above the Equator's jewel box gallery on Hawaiʻi island. Co-founder Rosina Potter says the little gallery is in the Lau Building, above Hilo's popular Salvation Army.

"You go upstairs, it's a very old building, and you turn the corner and all of a sudden you're in our beautiful tiny space that overlooks Hilo Bay. It's very unexpected, but it has been a beautiful spot to show the work," she said.

Covid precautions will be in effect Friday evening, Aug. 6. Ear-catching singer/songwriter Izik will perform. The Island Hopper show is then open to the public all day Saturday at Arts and Letters in Chinatown.

Noe Tanigawa covered art, culture and ideas for two decades at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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