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Andy Graydon: Hearing is Creating

noe tanigawa


Credit Hawaii Public Radio
(l-r) Sound artist Andy Graydon, engineer Jason Taglianetti, and Puakea Nogelmeier, who voiced the Hawaiian language segments for "Figure 1."


  Maui-born Andy Graydon has shown internationally in the emerging field of sound art.  HPR’sNoeTanigawa reports Graydon is among a growing number of artists linking imagination and sound.

Andy Graydon’s installation, “Figure 1 (these things we know)” remains on view at the Honolulu Museum through May 31st.

Find out more on the Honolulu Museum of Art exhibit, “Figure 1 (these things we know)”

More works by Andy Graydon are on his website.

World Health Organization’s report on noise

Experience Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in a Room”.

From Andy Graydon’s reading list:

New York Times: “The Science and Art of Listening”

New York Times: “Whisper of the Wild”

Michelle Chion, “The Three Listening Modes”

Max Neuhaus, “Listen”, Sound,

Brandon LaBelle, “On Listening”

Paul DeMarinis, “On Sonic Spaces”, Sound, 

Noe Tanigawa covers art, culture and ideas for Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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