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A Cat's Tale Hits Home in 'Nini, Here and There'

For many families, summer vacation means packing up the car with all the items they need to make a home away from home.

The new children's book Nini, Here and There, by Anita Lobel, explores the value of home through the eyes of a family member who is sometimes underfoot, but not overlooked.

Nini the striped tabby cat watches her family pack for a trip and worries that she'll be left behind. But she's zipped into a carrier and soon falls asleep dreaming about adventures. When she wakes up, Nini finds herself at a beautiful countryside home, her family by her side.

Lobel illustrates Nini in watercolor and gouache, capturing her expressions in full-page portraits. And Nini's message for children is universal: You don't need four walls — just your family — to make a home away from home.

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Daniel Pinkwater
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