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Examining Changes at Abu Ghraib

Investigators are still trying to explain the abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison; the U.S. military says conditions there have improved. We discuss the changes at Abu Ghraib and the future of military prisons.


J.J. Sutherland, NPR producer in Iraq. Touring Abu Ghraib prison

Col. David Quantock, 16th MP Brigade commander in Iraq. Responsible for detention camps in Iraq, including Abu Ghraib.

Michael Hirsh, senior editor of Newsweek

Gen. Joseph Hoar, former commander-in-chief of Central Command. One of several retired generals urging for a broad, independent inquiry into prison abuse.

Gen. Charles Horner, retired Air Force general. Allied Air Force commander during the Gulf War. Member of independent panel appointed by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to investigate prisoner abuse.

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