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Town Square: Hawaii's Energy Future

Aug 10, 2017

Hawaii’s path to a clean energy future has been decades in the making and it continues to takes turns and twists. By now you probably know that in 2015,  the state became the first in the nation to require a 100% renewable energy standard. Today on Town Square, we’ll look at the road to Hawaii’s renewable energy future and what portfolio may comprise it.    

Town Square: State of Public Education

Aug 3, 2017
U.S. Army

A new school year is about to start, and in Hawaii, it will be the first school year to incorporate new guidelines under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. Today on Town Square we’ll host a conversation on the state of public education in the Aloha State.

Town Square: Political Engagement Among Women

Jul 27, 2017

  Americans are focusing more on politics now than before the last presidential election. The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center shows 52% of Americans are paying more attention to politics since the election of President Trump. That statement is especially true if you’re an American woman: 58% of women say they are more attentive to politics compared to 46% of men. Today on Town Square we’re looking at the Pew study through a local lens.

Town Square: Condo Fire Codes

Jul 20, 2017
Wayne Yoshioka

  In the wake of the 2017 Marco Polo condo fire, it has come to the public's attention that many of Honolulu's high rise residential buildings do not have sprinkler systems. Fire officials said that had there been a sprinkler system in place, the Marco Polo fire would have been doused in a matter of minutes. Today on Town Square we’ll look more closely at the fire code, the sales implications for condos without sprinklers and how high rise residences without sprinklers might get them.


Hawaii Community Foundation

  Hawaii Community Foundation is one the most significant non-profit organizations in the local community. After 19 years of stewardship, Kelvin Taketa will be stepping as CEO of HCF on July 1st. Today on Town Square, Kelvin Taketa and his successor Micah Kāne are in the studio to discuss their organization's past, present and future.

Town Square: 2017 Legislative Session Wrap

May 4, 2017
Flickr - jdnx

The 2017 legislative session at the Hawaii State Capitol was a rollercoaster ride. In this edition of Town Square, our panel will take a look at which bills survived the session to become law, ones that died on the vine and issues left unresolved. 

Town Square: Temporary Vacation Rental Regulation

Apr 13, 2017

  Two bills currently at the legislature allow transient accommodations brokers to register as tax collection agents and have explicit requirements regarding the general excise and the transient accommodations taxes. Today on Town Square we’ll consider the bills in detail.

Town Square: Sit and Lie Ban Expansion

Apr 6, 2017

  This week, a Honolulu City Council committee approved a bill to expand the ordinance banning sitting and lying on public sidewalks. If the entire council agrees, the sit-lie ban could soon come to parts of Iwilei and Kalihi. Several businesses located in the Kalihi area are calling for the ban to be expanded, but opponents have said the measure criminalizes homeless people and unwillingly forces them into shelters. Today's panel includes the President of a longtime Kalihi retail business, a homeless advocate and a representative of ACLU Hawaii.


Town Square: Equal Pay Day

Mar 30, 2017

Next Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, the point in the year to which women have to work to equal what their male counterparts earned as of December 31st. With decades of pay inequality still haunting working women and families, is the annual focus really helping to bridge the gender gap or is it just a moment blip on the calendar? From the days of the Equal Pay Act in 1963 and including the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, has federal legislation made a substantive difference in increasing pay parity? Today, our panel takes up Equal Pay Day.     

Town Square: Hawaii's Healthcare Future

Mar 23, 2017

  The Republican effort in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act has stalled for now. How would the American Health Care Act change the state of healthcare in Hawaii? Today on Town Square, we’ll look at possible scenarios for Hawaii in the uncertain health insurance climate that seems to be changing moment to moment.

Town Square: Debt and Taxes

Mar 16, 2017



  Taxation in our state always elicits strong reactions from residents and lawmakers, but what makes sense now with downward revisions in revenue and in likely a few years, a negative change in the economy? How do we plan to meet the state's needs with fairness to the ones who'll foot the bill? With Hawaii’s cost of living and many families and low-income individuals living paycheck to paycheck can policies be restructured to provide fairness to all. Today on Town Square, debt and taxes. 



Town Square: The Legislative Crossover

Mar 9, 2017
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

We're halfway through the legislative session and bills still alive are moving from their originating to their opposite chamber. Next on Town Square, Neal Milner and Colin Moore consider what's crossing over, what's been left behind and what that all says about session 2017 so far.

Town Square: The State's Renewable Energy Goal

Mar 2, 2017
Michael Mees / Flickr
Michael Mees / Flickr

How to meet the State's energy needs is always on the legislative agenda. As Hawaii operates under the 100% renewable energy portfolio standard by 2045, what bills are still alive this year that will narrow that Gap? And which are still languishing and not likely to make crossover? Our panel comprised of Jeff Mikulina from Blue Planet Foundation and Scott Seu from Hawaiian Electric Company take calls and discuss the issues currently facing Hawaii's electrical consumers and suppliers in meeting the State's 100% renewable energy goal.

Town Square: Project Based Learning

Feb 23, 2017

Traditional, lecture-based methods of instruction often fail to engage learners of all ages, from young children, to college students and adults. Project-based learning has been heralded as not only a better way to impart knowledge, but also teach kids vital life skills such as teamwork and self-advocacy.

Town Square: Sit-Down With Governor David Ige

Feb 16, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

A recent downward revision of predicted revenues has left a cloud over the 2017 legislative session and the Ige Administration's proposed biennium budget. Uncertainty swirls over how the difference will be made up, what the Governor's financial priorities will be and how his administration will approach the many issues weighing on the minds of Hawaii residents. Hawaii Governor David Ige joined us to take calls and field questions from his constituents. 

Town Square: Another Look at the Rail Project

Feb 9, 2017
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

  Since before Honolulu's elevated rail broke ground, architect Scott Wilson has advocated for a different system. Still rail but 'at grade.' In a report released this year he re-energized that idea to transform the bloated project once it reaches town. Scott Wilson will be on the show to answer calls and questions.


  The ramifications and life after President Trump's Executive Order Travel Restrictions. Guests: Clare Hanusz, Hakim Ouansafi Chair of the Muslim Association of Hawaii, Dr. Tin Myaing Thein Executive Director of the Pacific Gateway Center, and Mateo Cabellero Legal Director of the ACLU of Hawaiʻi join the discussion.

Town Square: Is Higher Education Needed in the Current Era?

Jan 24, 2017

Three years ago, Google hired 14% of its team members who didn't have a BA degree. Why? Because in the current innovation era, it's about what you can do with what you know, and how creatively you solve problems. Today on Town Square, we talk with Expert-in-Residence at Harvard's Innovation Lab and all around education disrupter, Tony Wagner, co-author of Most Likely to Succeed.

Town Square: The 2017 Legislative Session

Jan 18, 2017
Teemu008 / Flickr
Teemu008 / Flickr

  With the opening of the Legislature this week, lawmakers began the process of sifting through thousands of bill. They'll determine what issues will mark this session and what contrast there may be between our state and a changed federal government. Neal Milner and Colin Moore join me with a preview.

Town Square: Death with Dignity

Jan 11, 2017
Vinoth Chandar / Flickr
Vinoth Chandar / Flickr

Hawaii has considered death with dignity for decades. This year, it's again poised for a discussion with lawmakers in the 2017 legislative session. Supporters believe this year is a game changer. We'll find out why from our panelists Charmaine Manansala.

Political Director of advocacy group, Compassion & Choices; oncologist Chuck Miller, one of the founding members of the Physician Advisory Council for Aid in Dying and John Radcliffe, Stage 4 terminal cancer patient and advocate for medical aid in dying in Hawaii.

Town Square: Science in a Post-Truth World

Jan 4, 2017
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

  If news is now more infotainment than fact, where does that leave science? Tomorrow, a talk with scientists who are concerned about their place in a post-truth world. Guests; Dr. Mark Hixon is the Sidney and Erica Hsiao Endowed Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and Professor Joe Mobley of the UH Manoa School of Nursing.

Town Square: A Year In Review

Dec 28, 2016
Anthony Quintano / Flickr
Anthony Quintano / Flickr

We'll reflect on the end of the year in politics with our guest Chuck Friedman a longtime Democratic party political strategist. We'll look at the 2016 presidential race, the future of Hawaii's political parties, and how politics in Hawaii has changed over the years. Guest host Neal Milner moderates Town Square.

Town Square: The Millennial Mindset

Dec 22, 2016
Elizabeth Hahn / Flickr
Elizabeth Hahn / Flickr

Today on Town Square: We'll look at Hawaii through the eyes of the Millennial Generation - and why some say their priorities are shifting now that they're in their 30's. (Note: This show originally aired in August.)

Today on Town Square: Ann Wright

Dec 21, 2016
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Activist and former career Diplomat retired Colonel Ann Wright is home for Christmas in Hawaii. Next on Town Square we'll talk with her about where in the world her activism has taken her and what's next on her agenda that also might be on yours. Today at 5 PM on HPR-2.

Town Square: New Report on Addiction

Dec 13, 2016
geralt / Pixabay
geralt / Pixabay

  The Surgeon General says it's time to change how we view addiction. With 1 in 7 Americans expected to develop a dependency sometime in their lives and only 1 in 10 who will receive treatment, it will be tough to gain ground without a new approach. Next time, we'll look in depth at Surgeon General's report and its impact on our already treatment- challenged state.

Town Square: Maui's Polystyrene Ban

Dec 7, 2016
frankieleon / Flickr
frankieleon / Flickr

  Maui wants to take the lead in banning one-time use polystyrene products. And there's a bill before the County Council to do just that. Next time on Town Square, we'll consider that proposed ban, how effective the bag ban has been and whether Hawaii will continue to get the plastic out of our state.

Town Square: Progress on Homelessness

Nov 29, 2016
Jim Fischer / Flickr
Jim Fischer / Flickr

Homelessness continued to be one of the galvanizing issues, top of mind within the four counties and Statewide this year. But where has one more year brought us? This week on Town Square Beth-Ann Kozlovich and guests will look at the progress on homelessness.

Town Square: Healing Post Election Wounds

Nov 8, 2016
Alan Cleaver / Flickr
Alan Cleaver / Flickr

What happens after an election, after the vitriol and deep discontent that characterized this one, how to chart a way forward is a key question.  Our panel of psychologists will consider how Americans can come together after an election that drove us apart - if healing can happen at all. 

Town Square: The Low Down on Local Elections

Nov 2, 2016
Nick Yee

With what seems to be daily October surprises... are you feeling that our local election is getting short shrift? Our panelists Neal Milner and Colin Moore will remedy that with a look and listen to what's taking your attention, even if it's "Oh please.  let all of this be over soon!" It will be in less than a week when we meet for Town Square.

Town Square: Mayor Kirk Caldwell

Oct 26, 2016
Kirk Cadwell
Kirk Caldwell

Some think he has the race all sewn up. And while Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell hopes that's true, whoever is declared Mayor on Nov 8 will still have to face the issues voters want fixed. This afternoon on Town Square an open line to Kirk Caldwell.