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A retired Honolulu police chief and his wife, a former deputy city prosecutor, pleaded guilty Tuesday to bank fraud in order to avoid other trials against them, capping a federal corruption investigation that brought down the once-respected and powerful couple.


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Cory Lum / Civil Beat

HONOLULU (AP) — An ex-Honolulu deputy prosecutor on trial for corruption-related charges has rested her case without testifying in her defense.

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HONOLULU — Ex-Honolulu prosecutor, Katherine Kealoha, hasn't decided whether she will testify in her defense at a trial over allegations she and her police chief husband framed her uncle to keep him from revealing fraud that funded their lavish lifestyle.

Caleb Jones / AP

UPDATED: June 18, 8:40 a.m.

A retired Honolulu police chief charged in a corruption case won't be testifying in his defense. Louis Kealoha rested his case Monday after calling one witness to testify. Co-defendant and police officer Bobby Nguyen's lawyer is currently presenting his case. It's not clear whether Louis Kealoha's wife, Katherine Kealoha, a former deputy city prosecutor, plans to testify.

Cory Lum / Civil Beat

  HONOLULU — A former city attorney in Hawaii got a state government job using correspondence from a fictional notary public, prosecutors said.

Federal prosecutors Monday linked Katherine Kealoha to a nonexistent notary public named "Alison Lee Wong," The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Tuesday.

Cory Lum / Civil Beat

A Honolulu City Council committee voted Thursday to challenge city funding of attorney fees for former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha.

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As the first week of deliberation in a high-profile corruption trial concludes, the position of local journalists covering the case has been exposed as precarious. 

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