International Shipping

Suez Canal Authority via AP

The Suez Canal remains closed Friday—as crews work to free a huge container ship that got stuck in a sandstorm. While the incident has sent ripples of concern around the world, it has particular impact for some in the Asia Pacific.

For today’s show we look back into our archives and explore the stories behind the Matson name. The influential shipping line has a long and storied history in the islands. We explore those ties, and look as the navigational company moves to modernize its operation.

The Hidden Cost of Shipping Your Holiday Package

Dec 19, 2018

Pop quiz. If you live in California and want to ship a a holiday gift to friends in Hawaii and Australia, which do you think will cost more? Unless you shell out for next day air delivery, the answer is likely to be the Hawaii route. The reason is an obscure 1920 U.S. shipping law known as the Jones Act.

Wayne Yoshioka

The Hawai’i Economic Association Annual Conference last week focused on transportation of goods into the state. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.