harapan rhino

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Helping Hand concludes two weeks of featuring nonprofits in the Asia Pacific supporting two of the most vulnerable animals.

Screenshot of Borneo Rhino Alliance video on Youtube

Today on All Things Considered we have an update to an Asia Pacific story we’ve followed for several weeks about one of the rarest animals on earth: the Sumatran rhino, a species that dates back millions of years, with just nine in captivity, and a few dozen hoped to exist in the wild. Since mid-December, one of only two Sumatran rhinos left in Malaysia has made news as she faces a health crisis, and while there had been some signs of hope in the run-up to Christmas, the news became eerily quiet, until today.

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Today on the statewide afternoon drive version of All Things Considered on HPR1, during this holiday that includes among the heaviest traveling in the United States, we learn more about the remarkable journey of Harapan, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, and his 10,000 mile, 53-hour trip from the Cincinnati Zoo to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary. HPR All Things Considered Honolulu Host Dave Lawrence reports.