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 Residents of Maui began feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Olivia Tuesday afternoon. This morning, communities on Molokai and Windward Maui are seeing heavy rains. But Maui County spokesperson Rod Antone said that wind and water are not the only threat to residents of the Valley Isle.

Sherry Bracken

Ambulance services on every island have a number of clients who are frequent callers—some more than 50 times a year.  On Hawai'i Island, the 300 most frequent 9-1-1 callers make up eleven percent of their total calls, at a cost to the health care system of around $7 million dollars. Hawai'i County’s Fire Department is now using a new system to improve the situation. From Hawai'i Island, Sherry Bracken has more.


  As lava continues to threaten Pāhoa Village, Hawai'i County is facing increased costs to continue to provide access and services to lower Puna.  HPR's Sherry Bracken talked about that with Mayor Billy Kenoi.


The Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Division operates 20 advanced life support ambulances contracted by the State Department of Health for 32-million dollars.  A City Council panel advanced a resolution today to urge the City Administration to look at ways to expand non-emergency back-up services.   HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports ...…