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Updated  6/10/20 5:10 p.m.

The Hawaii Department of Human Services updated its classroom capacity guidelines Tuesday back to pre-pandemic ratios which are:

  • For three-year-olds, 12 children to one teacher
  • For four-year-olds, 16 children to one teacher
  • For five-and-over, 20 children to one teacher

Many child care providers are now reopening as more parents return to work. However, the added restrictions for social distancing have limited the number of children they can accept back. 

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Gov. David Ige’s newest emergency proclamation allows more businesses to reopen their doors as early as tomorrow.

Licensed child care services are among the operations that can restart, but parents returning to work at those businesses may find it hard to locate supervision for their kids and to afford the available care.

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Since Gov. David Ige’s stay-at-home order took effect, child care providers are now struggling to stay afloat. Many are unsure if they will reopen.

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State lawmakers have recognized the need for affordable child care in the state, so much so that they’ve made it a part of a joint-legislative package negotiated by the governor and House and Senate leaders.

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A key lawmaker wants Hawaii libraries to accommodate early learning classrooms as the state Legislature attempts to make good on its proposal to rapidly expand childcare services.