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Magazine Subscription - Member Benefit Update

HPR is changing the way we fulfill subscriptions to HONOLULU and Hawaii Business Magazine.

If you currently receive either magazine as part of your membership, that subscription will end in 2019. All members, however, may now subscribe directly with the magazines’ publishers and receive a special HPR rate of $12 for one year (full rate $24.99/year). Multi-year discounts are also available.

Current magazine subscribers:

  1. In the month that your magazine subscription expires, you will get an email and a letter from the magazine with instructions on how to renew.
  2. Or click to RENEW NOW. Type in your HPR membership account number (5 or 6 digits, found above your mailing address). Your renewal will be added to the end of your current subscription.

New magazine subscribers:

To subscribe for the first time, click on your preferred magazine:

Mahalo for your HPR membership and we hope you continue to enjoy these two wonderful local publications.
For any and all questions regarding your renewal or new subscription, please call Gaylyn Laikona in the magazines’ circulation office at (808) 534-7513.

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