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Friday September 11 2015 - Steve Turre

Woody Shaw, "Pressing the Issue," United (Columbia)

Steve Turre, "Midnight Montuno (Descarga)," Viewpoints and Vibrations (Stash)

Steve Turre, "Who's Kiddin'? (Tailgate)," Viewpoints and Vibrations (Stash)

Steve Turre, "Spiritman / All Blues," Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)

Steve Turre, "With a Song in My Heart," Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)

Steve Turre, "Stepping Into Beauty," The Spirits Up Above (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "Reconciliation," Keep Searchin' (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "Segment," Rainbow People (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "Dance of the Gazelles," Delicious and Delightful (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "3 for Woody," Woody's Delight (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "In Retrospect," Woody's Delight (HighNote)

Steve Turre, "Trayvon's Blues," Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)

Steve Turre, "It's Too Late Now," Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)

Steve Turre, "Bu," Spiritman (Smoke Sessions)

Seth Markow has been playing piano since age 7, clarinet (now bass clarinet) since 9, and has been a dedicated jazz fan since he was 13. He has bachelor's and master's degrees in music composition, has played and studied African and Asian music, and is a longtime member of the Javanese orchestra Gamelan Kyai Gandrung. He has also played in jazz, blues, rock, reggae, and world beat bands, as well as various classical ensembles. A radio host since 1976 and a Hawaii resident since 1979, his jazz show The Real Deal began in 1983 and has been heard on HPR-2 since that stream went on the air in 1989.
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