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Evening Jazz - Monday January 16 2017


8:06pm  Fred Hughes Trio/Now He Sings, Now He Sobs/Matrix
8:11pm  Cynthia Hilts/Dog In A Red Pickup/Lyric Fury
8:19pm  The Fat Babies/Parkway Stomp/Solid Gassuh

8:26pm  Norbert Stachel/Step On It/Shades of the Bay
8:30pm  Bill Overton/Autumn Serenade/Always In My Heart
8:35pm  Bill Anschell/Dark Wind/Rumbler

8:46pm  Jo Ann Daugherty/Alive/Bring Joy
8:50pm  Curtis Stigers/Summer Wind/One More for the Road
8:53pm  The U.S. Army Blues Swamp Romp/Voodoo Boogaloo/Voodoo Boogaloo

9:08pm  Brent Gallaher/Serendipity/Moving Forward
9:15pm  Organic Trio/Vum Land/Saturn’s Spell
9:19pm  Troy Roberts/Pickapoppy/Tales & Tones

9:27pm  John Abercrombie/Nardis/Up and Coming
9:33pm  Andrea Claburn/Bird on A Wire/Nightshade
9:38pm  The Greg Hatza ORGANization/Baltimore Strut/Diggin’ Up My Roots

9:46pm  Mark Whitfield/Fortress/Grace
9:52pm  Brian Dickinson/Open Season/The Rhythm Method

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