Takai Taps Federal Highway Administration to Repair Highway

Sep 1, 2015

Credit be808 / Flickr

A Hawaii congressman has a new idea to help a couple of major roadways on Oahu. The financial impact of light rail construction has slowed repairs to Kamehameha and Farrington Highways.  The two corridors serve as vital links between Aiea and Waipahu for residents, and require improvements brought on by the rail.

The idea is to fund repairs by tapping into grants from the Federal Highway Administration.  Each year the Federal Highway Administration sets aside around 180-million dollars for Hawaii’s roads… but if left unspent, it can threaten the state’s ability to receive future funding. Over the last few years, the state has accumulated a nearly 700-million-dollar backlog in funding.

Congressman Mark Takai is spearheading the submitted a proposal asking for 100-million-dollars for the two roadways. 

“When I first learned of the State’s backlog of federal Highway Trust Funds, I was absolutely shocked.  I could not believe that the State was so far behind in using these valuable dollars for much needed road repairs and improvements” Takai said.

Federal Highways Administration will decide on the proposal later this month.