NOAA Recommends $9M for Community Based Habitat Restoration

Jul 21, 2016

ʻAiʻopio Fish trap at Honokōhau viewed from the beach.
Credit Wikipedia Commons

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is requesting $9 million to fund local projects around the country to benefit fish habitat restoration projects.

The Community-based Restoration Program distributes funding to seventeen different costal and marine habitat restoration efforts.

Jerry David heads the habitat conservation branch of NOAA’s pacific island regional office.  He says that putting funding in the hands of local communities creates a positive situation for the environment.  

Here in Hawai‘i, two-hundred-thousand $200,000 dollars would go towards a partnership with the Nature Conservatory for a fishpond restoration in West Hawai‘i.  Lani Watson is a Marine Habitat Resource Specialist with NOAA’s Hawai‘i office.