Lava Closer to Pāhoa Marketplace

Dec 16, 2014


In Pāhoa, the new finger of lava continues to move downhill at a rate of around 250 yards a day.  Wet conditions have reduced smoke pollution and the risk of brushfires started by the lava.

The flow is now within a mile of Highway 130 and the Pāhoa marketplace.  Malama market has announced that they will close their store next week. Malama Gas N Go has also announced its closure this evening at 6pm. Aloha Petroleum will take the appropriate steps to remove the fuel from the underground storage tanks and remove equipment from the station in the next three days.  Darrel Oliveria is the director of the Hawaii County Civil Defense.

The lava flow is not stopping tomorrows scheduled opening of the Pahoa transfer station to the public. Visitors will be able to view the cooled lava that breached the property fence.  The station will be opened daily from 8am to 6pm in the evening.