KING’s Harmonic, Dreamy Sound Comes to Hawai‘i

Sep 17, 2016

Credit KING
Credit KING

A dreamy sounding Los Angeles R&B group is making its Hawai‘i debut at the Blue Note.  KING produces music that pays tribute to classic R&B, yet ventures into an electronic direction.

The trio composed of Anita Bias and twin sisters Amber and Paris Strother has been called one of the best underground acts to come out of the LA music scene.  They, like many band discoveries these days were found on the internet with their songs being picked up and hyped by artists like Prince, Erykah Badu and DJ/drummer Questlove?

They’re also musical perfectionists… releasing what would become their full length debut “We are King” slowly…song by song over the course of two years, only when they felt it was ready.  The sound itself goes all over the place, intertwining three-part vocal harmonies float over multi-layered synth.  Singer and co-songwriter Paris Strother uses the word “Lush” to describe their music. 

KING performs Monday and Tuesday night at 6pm and 9pm each night at The Blue Note Hawai‘i.