HPR's All Things Considered Special Guest: Savoy Brown's Kim Simmonds

Jul 12, 2019

Credit savoybrown.com

Pioneering British blues rockers Savoy Brown continue their impressive legacy with a new album, City Night, released last month. Their founder, guitarist and vocalist Kim Simmonds, took time to speak about the project and their remarkable history with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence. In addition to discussing his gift of painting (he did the artwork on the new album), Kim explained how he's maintained his distinctive guitar sound, talked about how his older brother Harry played a critical role introducing him to the blues and 1950's rock, the lessons learned backing John Lee Hooker on a historic tour in Europe, and much more in a conversation sure to be of interest to blues and classic rock fans, and anyone fascinated by the guitar. 


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Credit savoybrown.com
Credit savoybrown.com

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