Honolulu Ranks 2nd in Nation for Music Fans

Jul 19, 2016

Matisyahu at Republik Music Festival 4, Honolulu, Hawaii June 9, 2014.
Credit Wikipedia Commons
Credit Valuepenguin.com

Honolulu has ranked 2nd in the country for being the best city for music fans… that’s according to valuepenguin.com.  Nashville took the top spot, and Seattle was number three and Madison, Wisconsin was fourth.

The study is based primarily on data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau.  Factors like the number of musicians, venues, radio stations, record labels, music stores, and even the weather were compared on a per capita basis for every 1000 people in each city.

But some are questioning the results, saying that larger cities like Los Angles and New York are being misrepresented.   Brian Quinn is a founding partner in Value Penguin and used to live in Honolulu. 

Some big cities came in for low ratings---including New York at number 26….followed by Los Angeles at number 27.