Firefighters Continue to Fight West Hawai‘i Flames

Mar 14, 2016

Credit Pixabay Commons

For the twelfth day and night in a row, Hawaii County firefighters were on site overnight monitoring the Lako Street fire in West Hawaii.  The 25-acre fire broke out Wednesday March 2nd, and was contained within a firebreak.  The fire is out, but kiawe trees inside the containment area continue to burn below ground, causing smoky flare-ups.  Fire teams say the Lako Street fire may have been accidental, but there have been 13 other unexplained brush fires in West Hawaii in the past 8 weeks, including two small fires on Saturday.  The Daniel Sayre Foundation is offering a $5-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person setting fires.  Anyone with information should call Hawaii County police.