C-SPAN's 50 Capitals Tour Comes to Hawaiʻi

Aug 16, 2018

Credit C-SPAN

Hawaiʻi is the current stop on the national network’s U.S. bus tour.

As part of its 50 Capitals Tour, C-SPAN (a Washington D-C based public affairs network) partnered with cable provider Spectrum to bring the broadcaster’s 45-foot bus to the islands.

The tour coincides with the network’s 25th anniversary, and started last year.

The bus arrived yesterday in Honolulu, making stops at the state capital, Damien Memorial School and the Boys and Girls Club’s Spaulding Clubhouse.

During its time here, representatives with C-SPAN will host events to engage with residents, students and elected officials.

Rachel Katz is with C-SPAN.

Katz says the bus will also be traveling to Maui next week – before returning to Oʻahu. The bus will then be shipped to San Diego to make its next stops in the Midwest and Northeast.

More information about the 50 Capitals Tour can be found here.