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Lynn Miles Looks at 'Love Sweet Love'

Canadian folk singer-songwriter Lynn Miles has never been afraid to explore the darker sides of her own life, and the result is a bittersweet collection of tunes for her latest CD, Love Sweet Love.

She recently visited the NPR West studios in Culver City, Calif., to talk about her songwriting process -- and also to play a couple of tunes, live and solo.

"I write a lot of melancholy -- but I like to write a little hope, too... I want to connect with people, and this is how I connect," Miles says. "Sometimes I think it's very important to go through things and let them happen, rather than avoid them. You're that much stronger when you come out the other side."

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Rob Sachs
Rob Sachs is a director on the NPR news and talk show Tell Me More and hosts the podcast "What Would Rob Do?" (WWRD).
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