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Hawai‘i Public Radio takes an in-depth look at ‘ōpala in the islands in a week-long special series “Trashing Paradise.”From the lifespan and future of landfills to planning and policy choices facing voters and government officials, the topic of garbage is a timely one for all residents of Hawai‘i. Each island faces its own particular challenges, but we all need to consider the future implications of the decisions we’re making now when it comes to waste. The news team at HPR will consider a number of issues as part of this coverage

Trashing Paradise: Litter

Smabs Sputzer / Flickr
Smabs Sputzer / Flickr

In our continuing series "Trashing Paradise," we take a look at the continuing fight against littering and the illegal dumping of personal garbage.

From plastic bottles on the beach to trash along trailsides, illegal dumping can be seen around Hawaii. The fine for basic littering can reach up to $500 as well as hours of community service or picking up litter. But there are people and groups at are fighting the problem, one item at time. Michael Loftin is the Director of 808Cleanups. His organization plans community cleanup around Oahu. 

On a recent cleanup on Tantalus, his group collected more than a ton of garbage from a small section on the mountain.

You can find our entire "Trashing Paradise" series here.

More information on Eight-O-Eight-Cleanups can be found Here

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