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Solar Firm Backs Down From Kunia Project On Prime Ag Lands


The developers of a controversial plan to use prime “A” rated agricultural lands in Kunia for a large solar project are backing down.

On HPR’s “The Conversation” this morning, Jon Wallenstrom, the local representative of Korean-backed company Hoohana Solar announced the decision not to go ahead with constructing the photovoltaic system on the best agricultural lands because of community opposition.

"We’ve backed off on that and we will not be using the class A land," he said. "So the class A lands will remain in farming...there will be no renewable energy built on the A lands. It'll be built on B, C, D lands that we’re citing the project on now."

Wallenstrom said the original idea was to find a way to explore new high-tech farming systems, create an incubator for young farmers and provide farmers with cheap green energy.

The land is owned by the Robinson Trust.

Hoomana Solar is one of six solar projects that have been approved by the Public Utilities Commission. 

The firm is tied to the energy company, 174 Power Global. Its parent company is the Korean giant Honwha.

To hear the full interview with Wallenstrom and former Nalo Farms owner Dean Okimoto, visit The Conversation?s webpage.

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