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WalletHub Ranks Hawai?i Cities Among Worst In Mortgage Debt Vs. Income

Brave Heart/Creative Commons/Flickr

Kailua, ?Ewa, Lahaina and Kahului are among the cities with the highest mortgage debt-to-income ratios in the country, according to the personal finance website WalletHub. 

Researchers analyzed 2,572 cities to rank the locations with the best money management skills using 10 measures, including credit card debt versus income, median credit scores and average number of late payments.

Honolulu was ranked relatively high -- 12th among 64 big cities -- in juggling its finances, with San Francisco ranked highest and Memphis, Tennessee at the bottom.

But, no surprise, Hawai'i's high cost of housing remains a struggle for many.

Kailua, ?Ewa, Lahaina and Kahului occupied four of the five top slots where the mortgage debt-to-income ratio is the highest. Bell Gardens, California, rounded out the top five.

Cities in the Midwest and East Coast had the lowest ratio, among them Inkster, Michigan, and Jamestown, New York.

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