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Freakonomics Radio, Thursdays 7pm (starts on HPR-2 January 7, 2016)

First there were the groundbreaking books Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Now there's Freakonomics Radio, an award-winning podcast and public radio project hosted by Dubner with Levitt as a regular guest, in partnership with WNYC.

Tune in to explore "the hidden side of everything," such as whether your name affects your future, whether tipping should be banned, or whether you should bribe your children.

Freakonomics Radio is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, with more than 5 million downloads per month. You can subscribe on iTunes or via other podcast apps; the entire archive can be found here.

The New Yorker Radio Hour, Fridays 7pm (starts on HPR-2 January 8, 2016)

Each episode of this weekly program features a diverse mix of interviews, profiles, storytelling, and an occasional burst of humor inspired by The New Yorker magazine and shaped by its writers, artists, and editors. But this isn’t a radio version of a magazine – it’s something all its own, reflecting the rich possibilities of audio storytelling and conversation. Presented by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick, and produced by WNYC Studios and The New Yorker.

Subscribe to The New Yorker Radio Hour podcasts here.

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