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A Pittsburgh Pirate Does His 'Gangnam Style' Dance


Good morning, I'm David Greene with a little dancing in the dugout. That infectious beat is, of course, "Gangnam Style."


PSY: (Singing) Oppa Gangnam style.

GREENE: From Korean pop star Psy. Last night, when rain delayed the baseball game at Pittsburgh's PNC Park, "Gangnam Style" turned into a rain dance. Pirates infielder Jung Ho Kang gave his teammates a show. TV footage shows him nailing Psy's signature pony ride dance. The rain did go away but not the Pirates recent woes against their nemesis, the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals won the game, 4-1. It's MORNING EDITION. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

David Greene is an award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author. He is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, the most listened-to radio news program in the United States, and also of NPR's popular morning news podcast, Up First.
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