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Manu Minute host on the race to save critically endangered Hawaiʻi birds

A kiwikiu at the Keauhou Bird Conservation Center
Ann Tanimoto-Johnson
The kiwikiu has an upper bill that is sharply hooked like that of a parrot (hence its English name, the Maui parrotbill). Aided by their strong neck muscles, they use this bill to shred and crush small branches and twigs in search of food.

One of HPR's regular segments is Manu Minute. For the past two years, Manu Minute host Patrick Hart has been increasing our awareness of the importance of birds in native forests. Hart is the principal investigator at the LOHE Bioacoustics Lab at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

Joining The Conversation, Hart discussed different solutions to help the plight of our feathered friends. He hopes Hawaiʻi can get landscape-scale mosquito control in place before the birds decline so much that there's nothing left to save.

HPR's Manu Minute brings you rich sounds from Hawai'i's native forests and shorelines. Each week, we feature a different Hawaiʻi bird and its unique song, and talk about its environment and conservation.

Manu Minute is also available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

This interview aired on The Conversation on Dec. 27, 2022. The Conversation airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on HPR-1.

Catherine Cruz is the host of The Conversation. Originally from Guam, she spent more than 30 years at KITV, covering beats from government to education. Contact her at
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