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The Conversation: Monday, September 26th, 2016


Realities of Human Trafficking; Legal framework for a Hawaiian Government; Early Childhood Education Narrows Gaps; "Partying With An Infant"

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Realities of Human Trafficking Today: Kathy Xian

Kathy Xian

Credit Wikipedia

When the Associated Press reported last month that crew members aboard international fishing vessels that dock in Honolulu Harbor were kept in conditions comparable to slavery, many people were surprised.  Katherine Xian, of the Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery was not one of them.   For years, she has made the treatment of workers kept in involuntary servitude, whether on the streets of Honolulu or on the high seas, the focus of her work.

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Aloha Shirts: Dale Hope

Dale Hope

Credit Darrell Wong
Mark Sandvold showing off his aloha shirt

Our next guest was born in Honolulu, and has spent his life in and around Hawaii’s garment industry. He inherited His parents clothing business in his early 20’s, and bought the legendary Kahala name in 1986. He’s the authority on Aloha Shirts, got the first Governor’s Cup for “Hawaii Apparel Manufacturer of the Year” in 1987, and has spent his life spreading Aloha, and has just revised and republished his definitive book on Hawai'i's iconic garment, the Aloha shirt.

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How Would a Hawaiian Government be Established?: William Meheula

Bill Meheula

Credit Good Free Photos

With a framework in place for the establishment of a government-to-government relationship between the United States and a unified Native Hawaiian government, the challenge, of course, is the creation of that government.   U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell said "This final rule provides the Native Hawaiian community with the opportunity to exercise self-determination…” and as yet, an opportunity is all that it is.   A lengthy legal process lies ahead, and we asked attorney Bill Meheula to help us sort it out.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Honolulu Police Commission

Chad Blair

Credit Wikimedia Commons

As questions about police misconduct and the Honolulu Police Department’s attitude toward it continue to mount, the Police Commission has studiously avoided controversy, leading some to question its commitment to its mission -- and the Mayor’s role in its deliberations.   Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has more in today’s Reality Check.

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Early Childhood Education Narrows Achievement Gaps, Increases Prosperity

Credit Dan Pelle
Ross Hunter

The more we learn about early childhood, the more important it becomes.   Those years of intellectual and social development set us up for the rest of our lives, and when early childhood education is neglected, a world of human potential is lost. Ross Hunter, Director of Washington State’s Department of Early Learning, has seen too much of that; the focus of his message is the benefits, to our entire society, of providing the very best education to the very young.

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“How to Party with an Infant”: Kaui Hart Hemmings

Kaui Hart Hemmings

Credit Kaui Hart Hemmings
Fans with "How To Party With An Infant"

When you’re hapai, and the love of your life decides that the love of his life is someone else, and two years after your Keiki is born, this former love of your life wants your child to be the flower girl at his wedding to the one who isn't you? Let's put it this way, in the Senior Academy at Punahou, the author of the new novel whose premise has just been described. Was thought of as keenly observant and very creative. It would be quite a treat to get inside such a very creative mind, and with her gracious permission, we’re going to do just that this morning

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