A million trees could be planted in Hawaii each year under a proposed program to increase the number of non-invasive trees in the state.

Cory Lum / Civil Beat

Despite having an ambitious goal to plant 100,000 trees by 2025, the city has been unable to keep count of exactly how many have already been planted.


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Catherine Cruz

  Today we take you out and about with a hardy band of volunteers of Citizen Foresters..

Over the last two years, they have mapped some 6 thousand trees in Kailua. They are now in Honolulu tackling neighborhoods in Manoa and soon to be in Kaimuki.

We caught up with Heather McMillan who happened to be hard at work on Arbor Day to talk about the state program and how it all got started.

Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow, which means it’s almost time for Christmas trees. Every year, containers stacked with trees from the Northwest, pile up at Hawaii’s harbors, waiting to be unloaded and inspected. HPR’s Molly Solomon joined a group of state inspectors and got a look at the first Christmas trees of the season.