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In this economy, even well-established businesses feel like they need to start from scratch to stay alive.

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Whether we're in a pandemic or not, Hawaii needs to continue nurturing promising new startups. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, find out what adjustments XLR8HI will make to take on their next cohort of companies and how they plan to accelerate them through these difficult times.

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Find out how Mana Up is managing their cohort companies through this pandemic. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, learn how their fundamental goal to scale Hawaii companies through the Internet has prepared them to operate even when COVID-19 forces us to shelter in place.

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Learn how the University of Hawaiʻi is addressing the development and nurturing of new economic sectors in Hawaiʻi. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, find out how the Office of Innovation and Commercialization is bringing together UH affiliated incubators and accelerators to drive innovation. 6:30 PM on HPR-1.

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Learn how some companies are thriving during this period of COVID-19. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, find out what makes them more resilient than some of the other companies, and is there a message in their success?

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Catch up with a local company that was born out of a business plan pitch competition. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, hear how TurnoverBNB went from pitch competition to startup acceleration, and being recognized as HVCA's 2020 Technology Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Get caught up on the TRUE (Technology Readiness User Evaluation) Initiative, and how it translates to technology adoption. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, a discussion on how company leadership is driving job creation and high wage-earning capacity for Hawaiʻi workers.

On this edition of Bytemarks Café, find out about East Meets West -- one of Hawaiʻi's premier tech startup conferences. East Meets West brings investors and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Pacific, from Asia, Hawaiʻi and North America to network and build the tech ecosystem.

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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, a look at the TRUE (Technology Readiness User Evaluation) Initiative. Listen to a discussion about its key purposes by advancing economic development through industry diversity, supporting job creation, and high wage earning capacity for Hawaiʻi residents.

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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, Part 2 of the conversation with Rich Wacker from American Savings Bank and Micah Kane from the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation. A look at what goals and objectives are set for 2020 to help move the trajectory of Hawaiʻi's economy.

On this edition of Bytemarks Café, the first of a special two part edition of the show for this holiday season you won't want to miss. During Part 1, a look back at 2019, and take note of accomplishments in the innovation economy.  Then, a look at what gained traction to carry it forward into 2020. 

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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, an update on the renovations of the Atherton YMCA to create a new innovation center. We'll find out how the University of Hawaiʻi envisions it to be a place to mentor entrepreneurs and incubate new startups.

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Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt will talk to Shaka Guide, a local startup that produces trips and guides around Hawaiʻi. Also, a discussion about out how they've grown to incorporate new technologies as well as expand to new markets, beyond Hawaiʻi. 6:30 PM on HPR-1.


A new entrepreneurship center is opening up in downtown Honolulu. HPR’s Reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi got a preview of the space and a look at its plans. 


On this edition of Bytemarks Café, Burt will catch up with the organizers of XLR8UH and find out what they have in store for their next cohort. A couple of the startups from the program are invited to join the show to discuss how they're using the acclerator program to kickstart their companies.

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Entrepreneurship is a growing part of Hawaii’s economy. The world of start-ups is still relatively small in the islands, but over the past eight years, they’ve attracted nearly a quarter of a billion dollars of investment.

Purple Prize

Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt will talk about the Purple Prize, where Kanaka Maoli values and technology are woven together. In its third year, the Purple Prize has evolved to take ideas beyond the prototype phase and to nurture teams poised to launch startups.

Bytemarks Café: Blue Startups Cohort 10

Jun 6, 2018
Blue Startups

On the next Bytemarks Café, Ryan and Burt will catch up with a few companies from the latest Blue Startup cohort - #10. These companies uniquely started on the mainland, but have roots here in the islands. The guys will find out why these kamaʻāina are returning home. 

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Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt will talk about the startup ecosystem and explore issues of diversity and inclusion. They will find out from the founders of Sultan Ventures and XLR8HI what they've learn through their workshops and their thoughts on improving the environment.

Bytemarks Café: Your Front Desk & Tripidee

Jun 28, 2017
Tumisu / Pexels
Tumisu / Pexels

  Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll talk to Your Front Desk and Tripidee, two companies in the latest Blue Startups cohort. We’ll talk to the company execs to find out what they learned during their accelerator experience and what’s next after graduation.

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Wikimedia Commons

There’s a saying that the future belongs to those who can code. One Hawaii business is booming by providing the necessary skills. We get more from the editor in chief of Pacific Business News, A. Kam Napier.

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The best location in the world to find talent for start-up organizations is a small spot in the Pacific. That’s according to a report from a U.S. company that tracks startups. But the broader findings are a bit more complicated. HPR’s Bill Dorman explains in today’s Asia Minute.

aotaro / Flickr
aotaro / Flickr

  We’ll find out what opportunities exists for tech startups in the Asia marketplace. With the East Meet West event coming up in January we will talk about how Hawaii companies can differentiate and compete.

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Wikipedia Commons

We’ll find out how the State and startup community are looking to leverage tech in the AG sector. We’ll explore how tech can disrupt (improve) the agriculture supply chain from the growing, to storing, to the delivery of product to the market.

Bytemarks Café: Startups & Fantasy Sports

Nov 8, 2016
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ryan harvey / Flickr

  We’ll delve into the world of eSports and fantasy football. We’ve invited two startups going through the Blue Startup accelerator program to find out how they plan to make money and how big is the business opportunity.

Startup Hiccup

Jun 23, 2016
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Pixabay Commons

What happens when the state agency tasked with fostering a high-tech start-up industry in Hawaii goes underfunded? Hawaii is about to find out. Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier has more.

The Conversation: Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

May 24, 2016
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Startup Culture in Hawaii; Il Trovatore at HOT; DOE Strategic Plan; Composting with Worms

State of the Startup Investment Industry in Hawaii: Meli James

Bytemarks Café: Impact Hub Update

Apr 27, 2016
Impact Hub
Impact Hub

  An update on the Impact Hub and the work they are doing to spread entrepreneurship. We’ll find out how a new program is being implemented in all the community colleges to encourage the business minded to nurture their startups. 

Bytemarks Café: Startup Weekend Winners

Dec 9, 2015 Via Creative Commons Via Creative Commons

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ve brought together the latest cohort of winners from Startup Weekend. We’ll talk to the teams from a crowdsource indoor climate app, an educational music video producer, and one of the youngest teams to win Startup Weekend.

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Ramunas Geciauskas / Flickr

Tech start-ups are a key part of the 21st century economy and Hawaii has a growing number of them.  As Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier explains, getting this sector off the ground presents both challenges and opportunities.