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Ku'uwehi Hiraishi

Recycling is a good goal. It reuses materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. But the world market is changing and, for Kauaʻi, this means rethinking whether exporting recyclables to other countries is sustainable.

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Several months after Hawaii County stopped accepting plastic products at its recycling program, residents are looking for an alternative, and one not governed by international markets.

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The owner of RRR Recycling that handles Honolulu’s blue recycling bins says he’s had to close over half of his locations since around 2017. The president of Reynolds Recycling said his company has had to do the same in recent years.

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Far from the view of the nearly three million visitors who travel to Maui County each year are two landfills that are filling up fast and approaching the end of their lifespans. 

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Governments in every county across the state are cutting back on plastic. On Hawaii Island, the county is no longer recycling plastic, and that’s where one woman has turned a problem into a business.

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Starting Wednesday, Hawaii County will no longer accept some traditionally recyclable materials at its collection sites. The change comes as global market forces roil the recycling industry.

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Recycling remains a challenge for both policymakers and consumers — not only here in Hawaii, but all around the world. In New Zealand, the government is trying a different approach when it comes to plastic bottles.

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One of the world’s most ambitious recycling programs is getting underway in Australia. A new government policy aims to cut the export of plastic waste and at the same time boost local business.

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Recycling is a practice that helps the environment, but it’s also a business.  That business has become more complicated in recent months, especially for residents of Hawaii.

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China is changing its recycling policy, and the impacts are being felt all around the world. That includes Hawai‘i because some shipments of recycled material that used to go to China will no longer be accepted. But China’s new policy is already having an immediate effect in a number of places—including Australia. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.

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Nov 13, 2017
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Dover Air Force Base
Dover Air Force Base

Maui’s electronic recycling program should reopen August 5th after being closed for several weeks.

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Flickr / aaronparecki

Neighbor island schools have an opportunity to win a little money.

Town Square: Recycling & Construction

Sep 3, 2015
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Dan Hughes / Flickr

  It’s an often repeated mantra: reduce, reuse and recycle. Many people are pretty good about that in the short term, but when it comes to building or remodeling, the lure of the new is often compelling. Our panel says there’s an even better case to be made for reusing building materials and it’s not just about the money. Panel: Quinn Vittum, Executive Director, Re-use Hawai'i:Lynn Johnson, Reuse Board member, designer and builder of sustainable homes, Lynne Johnson and restaurateur, Ed Kenney. 5 PM on HPR-2.

Andy Arthur / Flickr
Andy Arthur / Flickr

In our series this week “Trashing Paradise” we’ve been looking at a number of issues involving waste in Hawaii, and many of them differ from island to island.

Maui County Abandons Recycling Pilot Program

Dec 1, 2014
Georgie Hunter via
Georgie Hunter via


Recycling in Hawaii is not really a local operation. A lot of the material is shipped to the far East to be processed. Maui started a pilot project to encourage more recycling by offering curbside pickup, but the economics have not worked out. Eileen Chao has more from the Maui News.

Molokai’s Waste Management Program Wins Award

Sep 2, 2013
Flickr / ©hapulcu (away)
Flickr / ©hapulcu (away)

A small team in Kalaupapa is changing the way people think about trash with their award winning solid waste management program. Catherine Cluett reports from The Molokai Dispatch. 

City's HI-5 Recycling Program Goes DIY

Aug 12, 2013
Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

When it comes to recycling…Hawaii has struggled with a lack of resources and funding. But a new hands-on project in Oahu is taking a do-it-yourself approach. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports.  

For more information on the DIY Hi-5 Public Recycling Project, call 768-3200 or email More information is available online.