Due to recent weather, tonight's show was curated around the feeling of snuggling up under the covers while listening to the rain outside. It's what I call "burrito weather" in which you basically roll yourself up into your blanket like a human burrito.

Lots of acoustic folk, indie, and soul - stuff that makes you want to snuggle a little closer and burrito a little tighter.

Eric Tessmer / Flickr

Experts agree that severe weather events are becoming more frequent and destructive as the planet warms. But so far there is little consensus on how to protect one of Hawaii’s most important economic regions.

Take a cool dip into tonight's music. Inspired by the intense, lingering heat of this summer, tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap features songs about water. Whether it be rain, ocean, river, or tears, each song is written about or mentions water in some form. 

DJ Mermaid still subbing in for dj mr. nick who will be back next week.

It's a rainy (and possibly stormy) Tuesday evening.  So I'm mixing up songs about rain, storms, or just liquid for tonight's show.   

noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

Rain, in old Hawai‘i, was celebrated in its myriad forms, passing mists to drenching downpours, different in each village and valley.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa spoke with a scholar and kumu hula whose book on Hawaiian rain names opens new vistas in the natural world.