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Businesses in Honolulu’s Chinatown confront the perceptions — and realities — of homelessness and crime in the neighborhood in different ways. And some of them are changing. 

Incubating Change

Aug 10, 2018
Hawaii Technology Development Corp.

The Mānoa Innovation Center has just changed hands. That’s an opportunity for one state entity and a set-back for another. 

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When the state legislature renewed Hawaii’s film production tax credit, it added a plot twist — a cap on the credit. And that has industry leaders concerned.

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John Komeiji, the new president and general manager of Hawaiian Telcom, has had an unusual career. It’s one that started in the courtroom and has now ended up in the C-suite.

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Japanese investors are continuing to buy real estate in Hawai‘i. But they’re doing so in a new way, for new reasons. 

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Peter Merriman is one of the founding Hawaiʻi Regional Cuisine chefs. These days he’s busy with new projects — and new horizons.

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Retail on Oahu has been growing over the past six months, but that could change as retailers confront two unfavorable conditions.

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The Kaka‘ako neighborhood of Honolulu is still in the early stages of its transformation,  but the changes have already been big. And that’s not just the size of the buildings.

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You can’t tell from the sidewalk looking up but Bank of Hawaiʻi is extensively remodeling its signature downtown headquarters, at the same time it’s upgrading its branches.

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Ted Peck is a veteran of the energy business in Hawai‘i. He's founder of a renewable energy company called Holu Energy, and has made a career out of following hunches.

The city and county of Honolulu is moving forward with its redevelopment of the Neal S. Blaisdell Center as a public-private partnership.

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A new economic report from the University of Hawai‘i’s Economic Research Organization takes a county-by-county look at what is shaping up to be a strong 2018.. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

Howard Hughes Corp.

The Howard Hughes Corporation is playing a big role in changing the look of Honolulu’s urban landscape. Simon Treacy joined the company as president in January, and this week he announced the first major changes to the master plan of Ward Village. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

A New Look in Kailua

May 18, 2018
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By late 2018, the former Macy’s in Kailua will reopen as Lau Hala Shops. And the design pays tribute to the building’s lengthy history. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

Kuuwehi Hiraishi

As developments continue in the Kīlauea eruptions, many businesses are contributing to recovery efforts. And for some businesses, there is opportunity—but the situation is delicate. We get more on that from Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier.

Hawaiian Airlines

For airlines, the single biggest purchase they'll make are the planes themselves. PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more on how Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines approached their choices.

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The last few years have been dramatic ones in the local real estate market. And in some ways, it’s a great time to be in residential real estate when nearly every sale is big sale. But still challenges remain. PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more.

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Maui business leaders say they face the same conditions as Oahu— only more so. We get an explanation of that from Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier.

L&L’s New Plate

Apr 13, 2018
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The launch of KTA Express grocery store in Kona includes another launch, a new concept from L & L called Mixed Plate. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

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2018 is shaping up to be a big year for locally owned Down to Earth. Editor in chief A. Kam Napier, has more on the organic grocer’s expansion.

Casey Harlow

It’s been four years since the state Department of Health launched its restaurant grading system. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more on how that system has been working for restaurants and consumers.

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High-profile failures of local government technology often make headlines in Hawai‘i. But there’s an everyday cost to those failures that are paid by businesses and citizens around the state. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more on the community price of old technology.

Honolulu Habitat for Humanity

Many high-profile developers include affordable housing as required by law, but some developers specialize in that type of housing. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more on the people and projects adding affordable housing in Hawaii.

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Community solar is poised to launch in Hawaii as early as this year, and putting the pieces together to make it happen is turning out to be quite a puzzle. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

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Since it launched in 2005, Maui Brewing Company has expanded tremendously — and it’s done so by supporting the entire local brewing industry. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.

Bossing Yourself

Feb 9, 2018
Staff Sgt. Siuta B. Ika / U.S. Air Force

Many people dream of going into business for themselves, but in Hawaii, in 2018, what does it take to make that leap? We get some of the answers from PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier.

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There’s a lot to juggle when the operation you run is an entertainment venue, a historic landmark, and a non-profit. PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more on what’s new at the Hawaii Theatre.

FAEF Wiki / Wikimedia Commons
FAEF Wiki / Wikimedia Commons

How does Hawaii measure up when it comes to having women serve on the boards of its biggest companies? PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more.

Wayne Yoshioka

In March there will be a change at the top of Hawaiian Airlines. The company’s chief commercial officer is stepping up to become CEO. PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more.

Edmund Garman / Flickr
Edmund Garman / Flickr

As 2018 gets underway, you may have resolutions or goals or simply plans. Pacific Business News spoke to 20 business leaders in Hawai‘i to hear what they’re anticipating, or dreading, in the year ahead. Editor in chief A. Kam Napier has more.