"monster homes"

Honolulu Hale/Creative Commons

After several years of debate, a measure to regulate monster homes on Oʻahu is awaiting Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s signature. The bill passed the City Council Wednesday, but the head of the department that will enforce the proposed rules says some details need to be hammered out.

Ryan Finnerty

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Wayne Yoshioka

A temporary ban on over-sized homes on O’ahu was formally implemented today. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports. 

Catherine Cruz

The Honolulu City Council is wrestling with a half a dozen versions of a bill to slow the growth of so-called “monster homes.” Today we sit down with to talk about a proposed moratorium and to understand what is wrong with our land use laws, and why enforcement is such a problem. 


Wayne Yoshioka

The Honolulu City Council Planning Committee advanced a measure today calling for a moratorium on so-called Monster Houses. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.