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Musician Judy Collins is back in the islands through Saturday at the Blue Note. As she has each of her last several years when visiting the state, Judy took time for an interview with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence, sharing fun stories about her new album, recent celebrity encounters, and details into some of her friends in the political world. Hear the complete new interview.


Judy Collins is back in the islands for dates tonight on Kauai, Friday on Maui and Saturday on the Big Island. As the tour gets underway, she took time to speak with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence.


Hear the complete interview:


She's back... Judy Collins has returned to the Aloha State for dates Thursday at the Kauai Beach Resort, Friday at the MACC, Saturday at the Honoka'a Peoples Theatre, and Sunday at the Mamiya Theatre. The legendary folk artist also returned to HPR's All Things Considered to speak with Honolulu Host Dave Lawrence.

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Judy Collins has made a name for herself over a half century of music and activism. From her role at numerous civil rights marches to testifying during the Chicago Seven court drama, to speaking about mental illness and suicide prevention, she has gone far beyond many others when it comes to standing up for issues that concern her.

Performer Judy Collins has a long history in the islands. She took time to explore it ahead of her return to the state, in a conversation on HPR's All Things Considered with Local Host Dave Lawrence.

We couldn't leave out Judy's classic performance with Snuffleupagus