Hong Kong

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As Hong Kong heads into another weekend, residents are bracing for more protests. But the city government is taking a different approach.

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HONG KONG — Anti-government protesters blocked roads near Hong Kong's airport with burning barricades and damaged a train station Sunday after a night of violent clashes with police.

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Defying a government ban, thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators returned to the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday and clashed with police throughout the night in one of the most dramatic and violent days of unrest since June, when the protests began.

The worst violence occurred at around 10 p.m. as riot police rushed into a metro station and arrested 40 people.


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HONG KONG  — Chinese state media released footage Thursday of military troops moving into Hong Kong for what they call a routine rotation amid fears that the army will intervene in ongoing pro-democracy protests.

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HONG KONG — Hong Kong police drew their guns and fired a warning shot after protesters attacked officers with sticks and rods, and brought out water cannon trucks for the first time, in an escalation in the summerlong protests that have shaken the city's government and residents.

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HONG KONG — Hong Kong streets were turned into rivers of umbrellas on Sunday as hundreds of thousands of people marched through heavy rain down a major road in the Chinese territory, where massive pro-democracy demonstrations have become a regular weekend activity. Organizers said at least 1.7 million participated, though the police estimate was far lower.

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WASHINGTON — Rather than speak up strongly for the Hong Kong protesters, President Donald Trump on Thursday suggested the answer to their complaints of Chinese oppression is simply for Beijing's "great leader," Xi Jinping, to meet with them and peacefully sort out the unrest that has been decades in the making.

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Flights have resumed at the Hong Kong airport following a couple of days of protests — including some violent confrontations with police. Targeting the airport has generated international publicity for demonstrators, but also something more.

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As protests in Hong Kong continue this week, they are getting attention from around the world. But they are a particular focus in the politics of a neighboring location in Asia: Taiwan.

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As we approach another weekend, residents of Hong Kong are bracing for another set of protests. Demonstrations have been growing for the past two months, and apart from concerns about safety and civil rights, this week there is new evidence that they are taking a toll on business.

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HONG KONG — A general strike in Hong Kong descended into citywide mayhem Monday as defiant protesters started fires outside police stations and hurled bricks and eggs at officers. After disrupting traffic early in the day, they filled public parks and squares in several districts, refusing to disperse even as police repeatedly fired tear gas and rubber bullets from above.

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This morning’s commute in Hong Kong was disrupted by protestors. It’s the latest development in a series of demonstrations that are continuing – with a widening impact.

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Protestors involved in a long-running dispute are talking with law enforcement officials about how to keep demonstrations peaceful. While that headline might come from Hawaii Island and Mauna Kea, it actually originates from the other side of the Pacific.

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As the United States celebrates Independence Day today, a focus remains on a developing situation in another former British colony: Hong Kong. Large demonstrations began less than a month ago, some became violent earlier this week, and now there are warnings coming from Beijing.

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The wave of protest in Hong Kong has made headlines around the world, but it may be followed most closely in Taiwan. As recently as January, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed reunification with Taiwan under the same “One Country, Two Systems” framework now unraveling in Hong Kong.

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HONG KONG  — Hundreds of protesters swarmed into Hong Kong's legislature Monday night, defacing portraits of lawmakers and spray-painting pro-democracy slogans in the chamber before vacating it as riot police cleared surrounding streets with tear gas and then moved inside.

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It’s been more than two weeks since demonstrators first packed the streets of Hong Kong in massive protests against a proposed extradition treaty. Smaller rallies have taken place since, but organizers say something bigger is coming on Wednesday.

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HONG KONG — Protesters in Hong Kong ended their overnight siege of police headquarters peacefully Saturday, disappointed that their demands for the territory's leader to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill and police to apologize for heavy handed tactics have gone unmet.

By daybreak, police had cleared the streets of barriers set up by protesters to snarl traffic in the Asian financial center, and only a few groups in the mostly youthful crowd remained. Many slept outside the legislature.

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It’s been about five and a half years since same-sex marriage has been legal in Hawaii. In most countries in the Asia Pacific, those marriages are not recognized. But LGBT activists are cheering a decision this week by the highest court in Hong Kong.

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This fall will mark five years since massive protests choked the streets of Hong Kong. This week, several leaders of that movement have been convicted of criminal charges.

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These are challenging times for the city of Hong Kong. A recent survey found residents the least optimistic about the future in 25 years. And that’s not all.

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A pair of elections in the Asia Pacific this weekend turned out to be big wins for candidates favored by China’s Beijing government. In Taiwan, the political party of the ruling president lost a series of mayoral races. And in Hong Kong, there was a defeat for a pro-democracy candidate.

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If you have travel plans coming up that include a flight to Asia, you may be part of the newest wave of airport technology. The idea is to get passengers on their way more quickly — and without having to always take out a passport.

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There’s news this week concerning a train project that has been long-delayed and whose costs have soared way past the original budget. It’s not the Honolulu rail project. This rail is more than 5,000 miles from O’ahu – connecting Hong Kong and southern China.

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Hurricane Florence continues to threaten parts of the east coast of the mainland. Closer to home, Tropical Storm Olivia is cutting across the islands. But another dangerous storm is moving through another part of the Pacific.

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There are many ways to measure the impact of high housing prices in a community. In Hawaii and other states there is the annual point in time count of homeless on the streets and in shelters. But there are other measurements — including an unusual one that has developed in Hong Kong.

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A multi-billion dollar rail project is running into unexpected problems, and may require some extra money. This is not a story about the Honolulu rail project — it’s about an enterprise that’s underway thousands of miles from Hawai‘i. 

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It’s a city on the water, where tourism plays an important role and housing costs have spiraled beyond affordability for many residents. But government officials are floating new ideas to deal with the housing crisis. The city is not Honolulu, but Hong Kong. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.

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2018 is an election year not just here in Hawaii, but also for a number of congressional races around the country. Overseas, this past weekend saw an important election in Hong Kong—with significant results. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.