Gender Equality


Our show today brings a number of female economists to the table to talk about the economy - but specifically: why aren’t more women in this field? What’s in the way of breaking up the “boys club?” We also acknowledge the women who are paving the way forward.

Our guests today:

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The World Surf League announced last month that in 2019 women will get the same prize money paid to male surfers. Jessi Miley Dyer, the Deputy Commissioner for the World Surf League’s women’s Championship Tour told HPR that the decision was motivated by a desire to move toward gender equality. But surfing elder statesman Fred Hemmings feels differently. He said that male and female atheltes in the WSL do not compete on equal footing and the sport will never achieve true parity until that happens.

Dean Kaneshiro, Director

Earlier this month, a documentary film entitled Rise of the Wahine: Champions of Title Nine was released with the idea it might reach a new audience and help educators share the story.

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Wikimedia Commons

Hawai‘i’s population is getting older. According to the latest Census figures, the percentage of the state’s residents aged 65 and over grew by 25 percent from 2011 to 2016. Many countries in Asia are facing a similar situation. And the head of the International Monetary Fund has some advice. It involves women and work. HPR’s Bill Dorman explains in today’s Asia Minute.