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Oct 10, 2019

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It seems like another week of heavy news stories emerging all across the globe, so to remedy that somewhat we'll be playing some world music here on Bridging the Gap tonight. Tons of afrobeat, psychedelic and soul from the four corners of our hectic world.

HPR's Generation Listen Group is celebrating their 2nd anniversary by turning HPR studios into a vintage prohibition-era speakeasy... and they asked me to soundtrack one of the rooms. So tonight's show is a sneak peak of the playlist filled with vintage jazz, early rhumba and more. You can pick up tickets HERE.

Inspired by NPR's "Turning The Table: 8 Women Who Invented American Popular Music" piece, tonight's show honors the 8 women that the piece centers around (Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Maybelle Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Marian Anderson, Rosetta Tharpe, Celia Cruz, and Mary Lou Williams) along with other female artists, old and new, whose music draws inspiration from them in one way or another.

Ginger Baker is dead. The polyrhythmic drummer from Cream passed away today at 80, and is the inspiration for tonight's psychedelic rock heavy session of Bridging the Gap.

Woot! That's a wrap for the Fall 2019 Pledge Drive! Thank you to everyone who became a member during this drive, and thank you to everyone who contunies to support Public Radio.

Latin Heritage month runs from September 15th to October 15th, so in honor of Latin artists I'll be playing a selection of tracks by some of my favorite Latin-American artists. We'll explore contemporary genres in the first hour, followed by some older classics in the second.

This session of Bridging the Gap is focusing on a twisted corner of pop music called "Mash-Ups"... where two pop songs are sampled over each other creating a strange often catchy, sometimes annoying bastard love child of a song. Also putting this together ahead of the DJ Z-Trip show this Friday. He's considered the "Godfather of the Mashup", and I'll be doing the opening set. You can pick up tickets HERE

Tonight's show is inspired by the song "Oh I Miss Her So" by the group Holy Hive, and is reflective of the mood I crave in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our fall membership drive. Mellow but uplifting music to help you keep your head on straight.

This session of Bridging the Gap is another exploration into the intersection of Jazz and Hip-Hop, Soul and Downtempo.

Bo Bartlett
Bo Bartlett

Day 3 of the Fall Pledge Drive, it's Friday Night, and I'm bone tired. So I'm keeping my sprits up, and hopefully yours too with some uplifting music.

It's pledge drive here at HPR, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase some of my favorite selections from NPR's many music outlets. Tracks plucked from the Tiny Desk Series, All Songs Considered, Viking's Choice and other NPR music blogs will be on full display tonight.

Taking a musical respite from the news and Pledge Drive on this session of Bridging the Gap... and slowing it down into pretty beats, and lush soundscapes to soundtrack this rainy weather.

Rocksteady vibes on tonight's edition of Bridging the Gap, with a sprinkling of some newer tracks that were inspired by the rocksteady standards.

Mellow, almost dreamlike songs fill the late night air tonight on Bridging the Gap.

Last Day of the Bridging the Gap All Vinyl Week. This session is going to be going all over the place mixing in classic rock, soul, indie rock, downtempo and more.

Bridging the Gap's All-Vinyl week just keeps on... truckin. For day 4 of our momentous celebration of sound on wax, we kick things off with some old school funk and soul hits, moving to some contemporary and punk sounds later on.

Day 3 of the Bridging the Gap All Vinyl Week. This session is going to be going all over the place mixing in classic rock, soul, indie rock, downtempo and more.

For tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap, DJ Mermaid is sticking to what she knows best and curating the show with some of her favorite mele Hawaiʻi on vinyl. Mahalo iā KTUH FM Honolulu for lending out a few albums from their collection for this show.

All the crackle... All the pop! We're kicking off our All Vinyl Week on Bridging the Gap. So bask in the warm sound of analogue needles locked into dusty grooves.

There is a beautiful (and a little spooky) moon over the islands tonight called the Micro Moon. It's also Friday the 13th... So we're celebraing Halloween a little early and listening to songs about the moon.

16 years ago today, one of the most iconic figures in country music passed away. So tonight on Bridging the Gap we commemorate the legendary Johnny Cash with some of his best songs, as well as tons of country, folk and Americana to round out the night.

This session of Bridging the Gap is a heartfelt collection of folk and indie rock paying tribute to singer/songwriter Daniel Johnston who passed away yesterday at the age of 56.

This session of Bridging the Gap is going to move in and out of new and old Jazz, Soul and a few funky numbers.

It's Friday... so this session of Bridging the Gap will be (mostly) filled with upbeat songs about love and fun.

Joan Cornella

We'll be forgoing any convuluted themes or metapohrical musical explorations here on Bridging the Gap tonight. Instead: upbeat, heartbeat-raising music - plain and simple.

Gab Bois
Gab Bois

Ok. Doing another themeless show... and I'm totally excited about it. It's half filled with new music and half filled with favorites picked on the fly. ENJOY!.

Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks

Happy Labor Day! This session of Bridging the Gap is filled with songs acknowledging the power and struggles of the working class.

Take a cool dip into tonight's music. Inspired by the intense, lingering heat of this summer, tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap features songs about water. Whether it be rain, ocean, river, or tears, each song is written about or mentions water in some form. 

DJ Mermaid still subbing in for dj mr. nick who will be back next week.

School is back in session and August is rolling to a close, leaving the dog days of summer upon us. For me, the final days of summer evoke a feeling of sultry tension and moodiness - so I wanted to play some tracks to reflect those feelings. Tonight's show will feature some great acoustic tracks earlier on, moving to indie rock and soul in the second hour.